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Well done! This sounds pretty spot-on to me, and I liked reading it.

That sounds excellent.. you are very aware of men's fashion. There really isn't a business dress grey area (excuse the pun) for men that's really apparent right now, in my opinion. You could, though, swap a button down and jacket for a button down under a lightweight knit sweater. This avoids both "weekend" and "overdressed" and I've seen this combo with a jacket thrown over it to boot (a touch professor-y, though).

Dare I mention cords? Not quite wool but definitely not chinos.

I'm sure you're much more "put together" than your whole department. When in serious doubt, watch the british version of "what not to wear". Oh, they're feisty.

I have a bespoke suit that is about the most comfortable (and most business like) set of clothing I've ever worn. It cost a packet, but it's really good to wear. I shall have more made once I'm back with a steady income. Who cares if the culture is jeans and a T-shirt, wear what's comfortable :)

You and your fashion knowledge

The thing with me is I pretty much always look the same in some superficial way: trousers, buttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled about half-way up the forearm. Solid colors. That's what I do. Even within that framework, there are changes. The colors change, of course. Sometimes the trousers are dressier than others. Sometimes they're chinos.

I'm slowly phasing out older things and replacing them with better ones. The chinos are older and still worn because they're still there; I'm preferring the wool. Many of the shirts are worn that way because they were purchased not exactly in my size (slacking on going to an appropriate store for me).

I also like to get a little dressier, but the weather here messes me up with that. I really feel the heat and get quite uncomfortable. Winter's usually a better time for me, but it's a god-damned 73 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course) here right now.

I need to go shopping sometime soon.

two words....sweater vest!

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