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happy stomach, food

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(Deleted comment)
Ditto.. ~clenches stomach~

"Better yet, these are microwaveable, so just nukem and pukem."


If anyone ever needed evidence that we live in a screwed up, decadent society, I think this is a prime example. When I first saw this, I thought it was a photshop joke, but nope - it's for real.

(Deleted comment)
All that, plus ONNA STICK. And you know people will be putting mustard on these.

oh gawd... just when I thought it couldn't get more revolting. :-)

OK, what's the word I'm looking for here...

Oh yeah - ewhhh.

On a college campus I was at for a "camp" one night for dinner (cafeteria style) were Corn Dogs.

They didn't sell very well.

Next morning they were "Pancakes on a stick"

Defibrulator, please.

I just felt my cholesterol spike.

I used to buy those! Though this was before there was a chocolate chip variety. But hasn't anyone heard of chocolate chip pancakes? They are not some new invention.

(Deleted comment)
Do not fear the sausage product!

(Deleted comment)
I've heard of lots of food that shouldn't be wrapped around other food on a stick and microwaved!

lord have mercy! i remember the simple good old jimmy dean days. *sigh*

Jesus help me, this looks really good to me. I would totally buy a box if Safeway or Longs had a special that week.

I am wondering what the nutrition panel on this product looks like. Probably enough sodium to feed a small town. Eugh.

wow... ew, that's a terrible combination... why do they do these things?!

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