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(mendelicious mendelusions)

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I was struck by how many supposed regionalisms New England and Ontario have in common. Even without my dropped R, I (as you know) have a pretty typical Boston/New England accent, and I'd say you have a pretty typical accent for your part of Ontario. Though a lot of that is due to vowels.

I think the linguists who developed this were looking more at the Northern/Southern/Midwest divide. I'm a little surprised they didn't include the question about merry/Mary/marry.

Peecans are for truck drivers. Pecahns are for eating/cooking.

I love this meme. Going to do it now ...

Interesting: the list of words, I think we're in agreement on everything but "coupon" -- where does the leading "Q" sound come from?

The "toilet paper a house" - in the US, the night before Halloween goes by many names: mischief night, goosey night, cabbage night, etc. I think the name you use to refer to it may be tied to your geographic locality.

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Bahaha, you're so snarky.

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