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We have a HOUSE
pinkie pie
Silly me, I mentioned this on Facebook and Twitter but forgot about here!

As of June 15, nyxie and I will be owners of an actual HOUSE. Offer night was last Tuesday, and ours was the winning offer of three! Here it is:

Front exterior

It's on Maria Street in the Junction, the middle of three attached houses; the third one is set back a few metres on the left. It was built around 1915, I think. Our agent thought it was from about 1910, but I found maps showing it built by 1923 but not in 1912. So somewhere in there, anyhow, nearly but not quite a century home.

The current owners are architects and the interior is not only in great shape but it really suits our tastes, too -- we won't even have to do much painting to move in. Like the bright red accent wall:


And the kitchen, with a bottom-freezer fridge (not visible) and a GAS STOVE YAY:


There's three bedrooms upstairs, a big master up front, medium in the middle, and tiny in back. The medium will probably be our sleeping bedroom, the front an office and dressing room, and the back a zazen and yoga room.

The basement is unfinished except for a small rec room, and has an outside door, which means I'll be able to easily set up a little bike workshop down there. The backyard is small but has all the space we'd need, and a trellis with mature grapevines on it.

There's a bunch more photos in this flickr set.

Looks like moving date is going to be June 18. So excited!

That sounds wonderful! Yay!!

That is an awesome house! I'm so happy for you guys!

It looks so awesome! And YAY for architects owning the house :)