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Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Hai hai hai. The pictures are here:

And Rasha not only lost control of his bladder and legs but also stopped eating, so yeah... full on sign that he wasn't happy and it was time. Poor kitty. :(

And yes, you are totally a Brony. You need this tshirt from Hot Topic

OMG, Stacey and Stella could be carbon copies of Lily & Carmen!

Your house looks wonderful!

I'm still here on LJ, reading but not writing a whole ton. I should probably do something about that.

I'm not posting on LJ anymore, and only reading occasionally; most of my journal-type activity is over in [personal profile] synecdochic.

I'm so jealous about how little stuff you have!

Not having a 3.75 year old around must help. I keep having these attacks of I HAVE TO MUCH STUFF but then I go through everything and realise mose of it are tools, suplies, stuff for work and stuff that isn't mine so I can't get rid of it.

Haha, a few people have said that! It's mostly because we've only been in the house since June, and before that we were in a midsize two-bedroom apartment, and before that we moved from a big two-bedroom in Ottawa to a tiny one-bedroom here. So we've had three moves in four years, and two big opportunities to purge!

Also, what you can't see: the closet in the TV room downstairs is full of unpacked boxes. ;-) 90% of that is books, but yes. We do have a bit more stuff than the pictures suggest.

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