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idcmp condensed his Nutrition course down to ten important points. You've probably heard some or all of them. Worth reading again, in any case.

I also haven't talked about the No S Diet in a while. I've been sort of half on it for a while, but was on full-swing a while ago. Long story short, I'm down 30 lbs and just bought a size 36 pair of jeans since all my 38s were falling off. Heartily recommended for people wanting to implement iddy's point 1 but who need a bit more (but not a lot more) structure to do it.

If you haven't heard of it before, No S is simple: no sweets, snacks or seconds except on days that start with S. There's a bunch of guidelines to make that easy documented on the website, but that's really all it is when it comes down to it. Mixing that with the diet's inventor's other programs, Urban Ranger and Shovelglove, and you've got a diet change and both cardio and resistance workouts ready to go.

The best part about it is that it's sustainable — there are almost certainly ways to lose weight faster, but eventually you have to stop doing them (or you get sick of it and stop even though you don't want to); with No S you just make a slow lifestyle change, and the treats you do get end up even better. I don't waste my opportunities for snacks or sweets on just anything now.


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