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Vive la bière Québecoise!

One nice part about living here is that around this time of year, Unibroue's holiday collection starts appearing in beer stores. For the price of a premium 12-pack, I now have in the fridge:

  • Maudite canoe two Édition 2004 extra-strong Belgian-style pale ale, conspicuously absent from their website for some reason (90 on beeradvocate)
  • Blanche de Chambly, a good white beer (86)
  • Maudite, the classic Unibroue beer, a Belgian-style strong dark ale (90)
  • Fin du Monde, Belgian-style strong pale ale (91)
  • Raftman, brewed with whisky malt — not an everyday drinker but an interesting change (86)
  • Eau Bénite, a lighter strong pale ale (87)
  • Don de Dieu, a triple wheat and the only one other than the Édition I've never tried (90)
  • Trois Pistoles, a strong dark ale which is one of my favorites and easy competition against Belgian beer (90)
  • and three flavours of Éphémère, their fruit-based white ale: peach, apple and blackcurrant. I'm not a huge fruit beer fan, but it's a nice change sometimes. (86).
Plus there's a 750ml corked bottle of abbey-style Terrible (90), although the other bottle of it hadn't sealed tightly at the cork and was sadly flat. And a 6-pack of McAuslan St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout (91), one of my favorite stouts.

I keep telling myself I should branch out more in beer, but with so many fantastic world-class beers being made right next door, why not stay close to home? Merry beermas!


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