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Belated update

I managed to pretty much not post at all over the holidays, so let's get things up to date.

The holidays were fun! I had from the 23rd through the 2nd off so was able to flop and relax for a bit, and get my Christmas shopping done at my leisure. Spent Christmas morning here snuggling with nyxie and the cats, and then headed down the 401 to Belleville for Christmas dinner with my father and stepmother. Came back the next morning and went over to my mother's back here in Ottawa for dinner on Boxing Day, and then spent the rest of the week moaning about how I ate too much.

I did well shopping this year — no trouble coming up with ideas and everyone seemed to love the presents I got them. I did pretty well too — nyxie got me a USB flash drive and more Alessi, and my parents got us a PS2, food processor and kitchen scale. We headed out to get a handful of games right away (GTA:VC, GT3, Katamari Damacy, FFX) and have been hovering over a controller pretty much ever since. More game recommendations are welcome, especially the classics that I've missed by not getting a PS2 by now.

New Year's Eve was a nice quiet dinner at home and champagne at midnight, which is all I need.

Work's interesting lately — half of the sysadmins in my group have been moved into the enterprise apps group, taking the R&D systems and SAN with them, leaving the rest of us to concentrate on core infrastructure and Internet services. It's odd not having them around but it'll really let me start to focus on carving out a strong niche. I still sort of felt like the new guy because so much of what everyone did had to do with the way Mitel did product development, but now I'm back to concentrating on the stuff I know best and it looks like I'm expected to take on a lot more responsibility, which is the sort of thing I'd prefer anyhow. My new business cards stick "Senior" ahead of my title, so I guess things are going OK. The smaller group means that I'll finally be able to train someone else on the e-smith bits that only I know, which means I won't be on call 24/7!

On the other hand, it means I'm going to be up to my elbows in Windows soon, migrating from NT4 to Active Directory 2003. Ah, well. It'll be an improvement over the Windows infrastructure we've got now, at least.

It's looking like a great year.


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