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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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nyxie, I love you!
happy mannequin, happy
nyxie and I are engaged!

We've been talking about getting married for a while now — I think we mostly started thinking about it when my cousin Scott got married last October. It was a small wedding officiated by a Humanist, and both of those got us talking about what we'd do when we got married, and we've been talking about it on and off since then as something sort of abstract and in the future.

So on Monday night I asked nyxie to marry me, and she said "Yeah, probably someday," and then realized I was really asking, and said "yes". No ring or date set yet; we were going to go ring shopping this weekend but I was sick, and the date's far enough off (summer 2006) that we haven't narrowed anything down yet.

I had no idea back when I met Candice that things were going to end up the way they did. (It didn't take me that long to figure it out, though.) The last year and a half have been some of the best times ever, though, and I never want this to end.



Congratulations! Turtle and I expect to get an announcement. :)

To those who came over here from my journal: yes, I will post ring pictures as soon as I have one. We're looking for a sapphire ring.

Aw, crap. I didn't come here from your journal. Do I get to see photos anyway?

Oh NOES!1! I'm going to have to friend you too, no later than 2006!


And yes, I've had quite a lot of sugar tonight, thank you. Please pass the sugar.

Wow, that's two ppl on my fList that have announced engagements today!

OMG IMA BUY U 2 A GIFTZ0R1!1!1!!!!!!eleventy-one!~ W00T!1!

Oh, and since I'm posting a thousand times anyway, I'm officially RSVPing for Something. If it's a ceremony-type-thing, yay. If it's me just cooking you two dinner sometime before or after, yay. If it's me delivering your gift in person, yay. But I'm driving my ass up there. I think. How far are you again? Maybe I'll fly. At any rate, there'll at least be a Masque in your place someday soonish. Where 'soon' is 'before 2007.'

You still have time to run.

Congratulations to you both. Do I get to be in the wedding, since you met through support? ;)

Seriously, that's awesome. I'm so happy for you both. May you live as long as you like and love as long as you live.

I think it's really cool that this kind of thing is legal in Canada now too. Also, congrats.

Nice reaction, nyx.

Congratulations to the both of you.

Re: Sure, sounds good

I thought he wasn't being serious!


Masque, er, I mean, euqsam says I have to congratulate you.

So mazel tov!

/me continues to bounce joyfully

Hooray! :-D