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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Evil turtle
pinkie pie

According to this CNN article this turtle has the image of Satan on his shell:

but I think someone's a bit confused, because it's clear to me what's on that turtle shell:

Yoshi! Of course, there's the possibility that we're both right...

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and CNN considers it NEWSWORTHY.
A TOP STORY, in fact.

Someone needs to do less mushrooms, and someone else need to get fired for printing stupid shit.

Just amazing.

I wasn't thinking Yoshi... I was thinking more along the lines of Bowser.

Yeah, it was a tough call for me until I traced it out. Too thin for Bowser. He does have the evil eyebrows going on though.

And the marks on the back of the shell look like the pointy bits on his body.

Haha, I had the same thought. :-D

I thought it was going to be the GNU gnu.

looks like a cow to me ;) if you give it some horns ... hehehe

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