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Only so many gags to go around
pinkie pie
Well, this is odd. Today's Foxtrot and Get Fuzzy:

I thought "April Fool's joke" at first, but I didn't see any other comics with the same gag. Anyone else see any?

Edit: Here's another, Pearls Before Swine:

Definitely an April Fool's joke, I think. Any other comics?

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That's amusing… and strange.

Can't see it -- must be friends-only.

There's this:

...but that's all I see.

It's kind of an odd gag for April Fool's Day!

... that's just odd. =)

Haha. I like it.

But you know newspapers had to be getting "OMG I'M CANCELLING MY SUBSCRIPTION BECAUSE THE JOKES ARE ALL THE SAME..." (except probably more likely to be in adult-speak than that)

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