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Some random bits:

I finally got some bookshelves for the spare room. They're almost full already, but the books are now off the floor of the living room, bringing me closer and closer to the point at which I give all my furniture away. More importantly, though, I went out and bought furniture, which for some reason I have a really hard time bringing myself to do.

I'm listening to the first CD by The Weekend, a great band from St Catharines, ON which is starting to make a name for itself. But if you like fun, hard-edged grrl-pop seasoned with a little bit of punk and new wave mixed in -- and I know some on my friends list might just like that -- give 'em a listen and maybe even grab the teaser EP or debut CD.

(Of course, it doesn't hurt that they're all cute, either. I've managed to miss both of their shows here, but NEXT TIME, I TELL YOU...)


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