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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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[LJ2ME] Testing lj2me
happy mannequin, happy
New crackberry (a 7290 to replace my old 957) for me! Now that I can run j2me apps, I'm trying out lj2me (Bri, mobilelj fails with a null pointer exception when I try to run it.)

Unfortunately I can't IRC from it yet, because work blocks outbound IRC as "file trading software". I should poke people about that.

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I do until I've moved my mail over, but both of them belong to work, not me.

Does that restriction only apply to people inside RIM, or everyone that uses a Blackberry?

Everyone inside Mitel -- maybe you confused me with fweebles, who works at RIM?

Goddammit. My brain isn't working right now >:(

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... wow. That's ghettotastic.

*hugs his Speakeasy connection*

Huh, "80 and 8080" is even stranger than "only 80".

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oh hey that reminds me

What ssh client are you running? What other apps do you know I can't live without? :-)

Re: Your administrator has blocked access


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