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bike gear I finally got my big motorcycle plan underway yesterday by picking up the gear I needed for my upcoming motorcycle course. While they provide bikes, riders are expected to provide their own helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, and boots. That meant buying a helmet and gloves at a minimum (denim is sufficient for the course); rather than buy a jean jacket to wear that day I bought a motorcycle jacket as well. I feel like a Power Ranger.

The helmet is an HJC CL-14 (chose white for visibility and because the pattern ones don't do much for me), and the jacket is a Joe Rocket Meteor 5.0, in grey because I don't know what color my bike is going to be yet, since I'm not buying until I've had a chance to ride a few different styles of bike at the course.

Today, nyxie and I did an Ikea run. Came home with an outdoor carpet, a windproof candle, and seat pads for the balcony, curtains and a vase with rocks and some green bamboo for the living room, a new bathroom mat, a 2' square cutting board ($25!), a snake-shaped shoehorn (99c!), and a bright green vase-shaped decorative lamp for on our cube shelves in the dining room.

It's getting to the point where we tend to have only one or two pieces of furniture per room that aren't Ikea. We still haven't eaten there, though.

(I'm posting for the first time through Flickr, which I want to start using more, although I haven't explored the community side of things yet. Apologies if the post screws up, I'm not used to this interface.)

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