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I feel so... retro.

So after a bit of work tracking down parts and figuring out what software to chain, I've got a working setup for transferring my vinyl to CD and MP3. This MP3 was the first success. (Simon and Garfunkel happened to be the first record I pulled out of the box.) I still need to take my turntable in for service; it's a little slow and unbalanced -- like me! -- so it doesn't sound that great yet.


I'm glad I'm finally getting this started. Next step is to find someplace to tune up the turntable, and then to get gramofile working to split into tracks and make less noisy.

I'm still debating whether or not to bother with cover art or just have a title/artist/track text listing on the CD cases. I should probably label the CDs with stickers instead of pen, too. Boy, this is getting laborious, and I haven't even started yet! But I've only got about five hundred albums to do, so hey, no problem. Might better buy a big hard drive, too, I suppose.

I thought about burning them to CD on these blanks, but they're too expensive for the quantity I'll need, and it will make labelling harder.

What will be interesting is if any of these ripped tracks start floating around the Internet -- I like the idea of some kid somewhere wondering why there are crackles and pops in an mp3.

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