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Apparently the Web is public! Who knew?

nyxie reads a Web forum about wedding-related stuff over at WeddingBells is a major Canadian bridal magazine, so the forums there are both popular and high-profile. As on any Web forum, discussion often branches far away from on-topic, and one discussion there started talking about Karla Homolka's upcoming release.

Today, a story went out on the CP newswire about Internet discussions about vigilante action against Homolka:
A much publicized online death pool may be gone, but speculation on vigilante action against Homolka has found its way onto the most unlikely of cyber places - websites ostensibly dedicated to weddings, rock bands and babies.

"I give it max six mth's (sic) before someone puts a bullet between her eyes," reads chat forum participant Margherita's offering to the ongoing discussion of Homolka at "If I saw her walking down the street, I would pitch whatever is near right at her head."
Cue panic! It turns out that when you write things on public forums on the Web, other people might read them!

For full impact, note how many newspapers and radio stations ran the story, at least on their websites.

(substitute mentioned a particularly apropos Dr. Fun comic.)
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