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I bet everyone else already knew this
pinkie pie
I just realized that the name of "Silk" soymilk is not only short for Soy Milk but is also a pun on the French word for silk, "soie" (which is pronounced "swah" — rhymes with "roi" and "quoi" — but which would sound like "soy" with English pronunciation rules).

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I never knew that either. That's interesting.

I like your crab icon. :D

I like yours as well. Crabby is one of my favorite characters, and this strip is on my fridge.

I did not know that. But we're a Soy Dream family ourselves, so I must say that I haven't spent much time gazing at a Silk carton. (Plus, I know barely enough French to sing Frere Jacques.)

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Ha! I'd never thought of that. I just figured it was S(oy) + (m)ILK, and hey, silk is SMOOTH and DESIRABLE, don't you want to drink some?

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