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Time sinks

Couple of neat Web time sinks that I've spent way too much time reading lately:
  • The TTABlog is IP lawyer John L. Welch's blog of analysis of recent decisions of the United States Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. You'll either find this stuff riveting or like watching paint dry. Being only vaguely aware of the details of trademark law I find the level of hair-splitting involved interesting, and Welch has a geek lawyer's sense of humor. One caveat: it's written for other trademark lawyers, so it's a bit hard to follow through the jargon and assumed knowledge at times.

  • Wikipedia has a list of Twilight Zone episodes, and most of the original series' episodes have articles containing plot synopses. I saw most of these in reruns growing up, and reading the synopses brings the whole episode to mind, or at least lets me imagine the episodes I haven't seen.
Good thing that 43 C humidex is keeping me inside!

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