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[LJ2ME] I think I'll pass

Nyxie and I are sitting on the patio at Pub Italia, our favorite local beer-lover's pub. I've mentioned the honesty of the beer descriptions here before, but wanted to share a few:

Crest Super Lager (England) - "This beer is only suitable for purchase for somebody that you really don't like"

Faxe (Denmark) - "This beer isn't very good but some people like it"

Mythos (Greece) - "Great choice for fluid balance control"

Coopers (Australia) - "Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. And yes this beer has floaties in it"

Mmmmmm. (For us: Chimay White Cap and Erdinger, later probably Delirium Tremens and Maredsous "8", for Nyxie and I respectively.)

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