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iiiiiit's NOODLES!

Three points in re noodles:

  • The ramen-style noodles I'm having for dinner have the following ingredients: Wheat flour, water, lye, vegetable oil. One of these things is not like the others. I feel all clean inside!

  • On the same package I am instructed to "Put the noodle into boiling water, to simmer 2 minutes the noodle will automatic splitting, then stir the noodle, adding oil and veetable, it is more taste it can do as pan fry noodle, clippingg up the noodle, after the water dried it can then fry." Ok.

  • I've mentioned before the strange things that building residents leave on the shelf in the parking garage hallway, but the other day I found the best yet: a brick of chow mein noodles. Disturbingly, they were gone a few hours later. I really hope a caretaker threw it out.
I think I'm going to start cataloguing in photos the things that get left downstairs. It's really weird.

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