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pinkie pie

So, Canada Day is tomorrow, and the Globe and Mail has prepared a quiz about things Canadian -- not necessarily big historical things, just things. Some of you have already done this quiz after nyxie posted about it. The rest of you can do it now :-)

take the quiz!

I got 13/20.

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8/20. Not good, not bad. :)


Honestly, they were all wild guesses.

I got 7 while my Dutch boyfriend got 9!

Oops, it's gottasneeze on said bf's account. Sharing a computer is hard =P

I got a spectacular NINE OUTTA TWENTY! Then again, not being able to read minds on a massive basis, and since most of those questions ask for opinions, I guess that's okay....

8 out of 20. Unfortunately, there wasn't any coverage of beer, marijuana, or unhappy romance in my citizenship exam study material. Someone really needs to do sommething about that.

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