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After I saw substitute's, I did the Find Your Spot thing that chooses the places in the US o'A that suit you best. Here's my top 20. I haven't commented on them as much as many because I don't know as much about big American cities as Americans do.

  • Portland, Oregon - No surprise here. If I were to move to the US I'd look at Portland and Seattle first, I think.
  • Baltimore, Maryland - The first time I went to see the Toronto Blue Jays play they lost to the Orioles. Sorry, Baltimore.
  • Washington, DC - Ottawa is bad enough for politicians, thanks.
  • Little Rock, Arkansas - Huh, that's a surprise. I don't really know anything about Arkansas.
  • Providence, Rhode Island - Just because I have fancy cats doesn't mean...
  • New Haven, Connecticut - I could handle a New England university town.
  • Hartford, Connecticut - No idea.
  • Worcester, Massachusetts - Again, I can see New England but I might be more of a Vermonter.
  • Chicago, Illinois - No, ma'am. We're musicians.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Not really a destination for an international move.
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas - No. What? I told it I wanted a metropolis. 58,000 people does not one make.
  • Gaithersburg, Maryland - Population, 53000; Average Home Price: $300,000. Whose results am I looking at?
  • Eugene, Oregon - I can't picture not being in Portland if I were in Oregon. I wonder why it didn't suggest Seattle?
  • Charleston, West Virginia - METROPOLISES I SAY
  • Frederick, Maryland - MET.. oh, forget it.
  • Boston, Massachusetts - I've visited. It's neat. Don't know if I'd want to live there.
  • Corvallis, Oregon - naw.
  • Champaign-Urbana, Illinois - I'm getting bored now.
  • Salem, Oregon
  • Sacramento, California - Huh, I wonder why not San Francisco? I wonder if I mis-answered something, or answered a question that was weighted a lot higher than I'd have weighted it.
  • Reno, Nevada - NO.
  • Medford, Oregon
  • Danbury, Connecticut
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico - I know some people from Albuquerque. It seems interesting.

Well, that was anticlimactic. If you'd asked me without a quiz, I'd have said Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Boston. For reference: The only places I could imagine moving to right now in Canada are Montreal and Vancouver and maaayyybe Toronto. Ottawa is fine. Kingston would be too small and the Prairies don't interest me at all.

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