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Godadaamn keyboardaa.

The keyboardaa on my laptop (a DAell Latitudaaae DA600) has daevelopeda an annoying habit of sendaiang a bunch of "a" keypresses after I press the "da" key. (As you can see in the worda "sendaiang", some of the "a" keypresses even follow the letters presseda subsequent to the "daa").

If I press harda aon the "a" key then the "da" key will behave for a little while (or it daidaa, at least, it daoesn't seem to be helping now), so it appears to be real ghost keypresses anda anot just a software problem. It daoesn't seem to begin until the machine's been running for a bit, so I think it's a bada condauctor of some sort on the keyboarda aitself which expandaasa when heateda anda causes the problem. That sidaae of the laptop is hot because of the harda daraive, which gets warm enough to daiscolor the plastic undaer my hand.

The laptop is providaeda by work andaa I think it's leaseda, so it ought to be easy to get it repaireda or replacedaa. I hope I daon't have to reinstall, or worse throw XP back on while it's being serviceda. (Currently it boots only into Linux.)

Stupida keyboardaa.

Edaiteda to addaa: Lovely, the Page DAown key is daoing it now too.

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