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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Big, popular Canadian blogs?
thinking, perplexed
I need more cancon in my daily reading.

The "A-list" of bloggers approximates the "A-list" of American bloggers, and I want to round out what I'm reading with a Canadian perspective. I find myself reading a lot of interesting blogs from Americans but I'm always sort of an extra step removed, so I want to find the best of the Canadian blogosphere. Stuff I'm already reading includes Accordion Guy, Michael Geist, MoCo Loco, Said The Gramophone... and there I sort of run out.

I'm specifically interested in things that might be categorized as news, science/tech, left politics, law, food, automotive and motorcycle, modern home design and architecture, books and libraries, music, and the Canadian equivalents of Kottke, Anil Dash, and folks like that.

What should I be reading?

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warrenkinsella.com (sometimes)
andrewspicer.com (sometimes)

and probably others who I don't remember the locale of and are therefore STEALTH CANADIANS

I personally like mendel myself.

Also: The absolutely fascinating DICK HARDT HAS MORE MONEY THAN YOU blog.

I've just discovered a new Canadian blogger, Samantha Burns. Could be another Kottke, if we're lucky.

What should I be reading?

A book?

Sorry, I just have this reflexive twitch whenever I read the phrase "A-list blogger".

Oh, don't worry, so do I! I rewrote that a few times over here and on Ask Metafilter but I wasn't sure that the alternatives would get across the kind of thing I was looking for. I specifically didn't want people to tell me about their brother-in-law in Saskatoon; I wanted to know about the online equivalent of the sorts of things that get called "A-list" but are American-centric.

And yeah, I read about Canadian current events and culture offline too, but mostly magazines like The Walrus, Geist, and Maisonneuve -- I just felt like I might be missing out on good online Canadiana. Books and magazines I know;

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