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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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awesomest comic strip
happy mannequin, happy

[thanks to citizenx. don't forget to click through to see it]

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Did you click through to see the comic?

D'oh! Nobody told me I could click through to see a comic. For some reason I thought that was the whole joke and I was just missing out on some pop-culture something-or-other...as usual.


That's what that big hyperlink-colored border is for! I've made it thicker just in case it doesn't show up well on some people's styles.

I can't see the border at all on your postpage. It may be my browser?

Beats me! But it's got <img border=2 src="...

Haha. The current ringtone on my Treo 650 is "ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, BANANAPHONE! Doot-doodle-doo-doo-doot". For real.

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