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More product labeling fun

After yesterday's Mountain Dew natural health product, a few more product labelling and marketing gems:
  • The Great Canadian Superstore grocery store near us has bright yellow Unbeatable! signs by the staple foods that they guarantee the best price in town on. One of these was eggs, and their Unbeatable! EGGS sign was up for at least a few months. I never got around to taking a picture of it and now it's gone. I wonder if they've been undercut in price, or if someone finally pointed out the unfortunate message?
  • Tim Horton's is now advertising and offering steeped tea. You might wonder what the difference is between that and, well, any other kind of tea — as it turns out, the difference is that instead of getting hot water and a teabag for under a dollar, you get pre-brewed tea that's been sitting on a hot plate for 50% more money! Yay innovation!
  • On the box of Eggo Plus Blueberry Waffles: Now with 50% more blueberry flavor nuggets! It's good to see they're keeping the blueberry flavor mines in operation.

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