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Automatic Threadless wallpaper generator

I realized while browsing through Threadless's catalog the other day that while there are only a handful of designs there that I'd like to wear, pretty much all of them with suitable background colors would make great computer wallpaper. But since there were hundreds I liked, I didn't want to have to edit all of them to the right size and layout by hand.

A bit of futzing around with Image::Magick later, and we have threadpaper, a little Perl program which takes a Threadless URL and gives you wallpaper.
   Usage: ./threadpaper [options] [threadless-url]

        --width WIDTH    width of wallpaper (default: 1600)
        --height HEIGHT  height of wallpaper (default: 1200)
        --center         center image instead of lower corner
        --logo           include color-matched Threadless logo
        --scale PERCENT  scale image by PERCENT
        --file FILENAME  output filename
                              (default: /tmp/wallpaper.png)

The --logo option is admittedly a bit silly, but when I realized I could guess which color to use for the logo based on the predominant colors in the image I wanted to give it a try. You can grab the logo file it uses here though.

I've got some examples up there too.

For extra fun, just call threadpaper with a threadless URL with a random product number between one and 376 when you login and use the result as your wallpaper for that session. Endless surprises!

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