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My web, mail, and DNS hosting is at Dreamhost. It's a pretty good provider; certainly not enterprise-class and there's been a couple of times I've had to have discussions with support about why something was their problem and not mine, but for personal or small-business shared hosting, it works out pretty well. Multiple shell users, web, mail, custom DNS, MySQL, mailing lists, the whole nine yards.

Anyhow, they've been slowly increasing disk quotas and monthly bandwidth allocations for a while now, both in lumps and with a sliding scale that gives you more the longer you've had an account. I've been there a little while so ours has been creeping up pretty regularly.

But today they increased diskspace fourfold and bandwidth eightfold, and will host an unlimited number of domains. I now have 64GB of disk space and 1.7TB of monthly transfer for $20/month. I can't imagine what I would do to use 1.7TB of monthly transfer a month. And it's going up by 16GB/mo every week. To top it all off, over the few years I've been there I've referred enough other people to cover a good chunk of that $20/month. (And to top that, I got the $32/mo package for $20/mo because of a sale that was on when I signed up. Account comparison here.)

That's beyond generous and into bizarre. 1.7TB/mo? That's 5.2 Mb/s sustained. That's someone downloading my full 64GB of disk space every day and a half. Crazy.
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