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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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happy mannequin, happy
A little while ago, I posted about Moleskine notebooks, and noted in the comments section that what I really needed was a Moleskine that wasn't a Moleskine -- I didn't care about using the same notebook as Hemingway, but I did want something with a lay-flat sewn binding, little elastic strap, pocket in the back, and so forth.

I have found the Moleskine which is not a Moleskine, and it is Cavallini. Made in Italy for a San Francisco importer, they've got trade-paperback-on-card covers with interesting designs (mine has a Japanese tsunami print), a glued (not sewn) lay-flat binding, elastic strap, a pocket in the back, and about 250 pages of very writeable offwhite brown-lined paper. My 8x6" cost about US $10. Perfect compromise.

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Much nicer. Functional and pleasant-looking, without being pretentious or overpriced. I may get one myself if my note-taking rate manages to exceed the rate of new notebook acquisition over the next year or so... a dubious prospect at best, however, since I have such a hard time writing on the bus. Enjoy yours!

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