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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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science, feynman
A moment ago I was reading the Wikipedia entry on snails after watching a bit on the Food Network about escargot. The Wikipedia entry made a passing reference to the "giant African snail". Sure, I thought, giant snails. Those have to be what, a couple inches long? Well, that's kind of neat. So I checked Google Images to find a picture that would give me some sense of scale, and I found:

Now that is a giant snail. Apparently they can grow up to a foot long. The page that picture came from suggests they're not native to West Virginia, but wherever they are native to, they look like this.

I wonder if they get along with cats.

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holy cow! those are huge!

I hope they're really FAST, too.

"Giant" seems to take on a greater meaning when applied to Things African in general.

For example, please enjoy this African Gambian giant pouched rat, shown here with ordinary Norway rats for size comparison. Gambians are often called the largest rat species, though they are not true rats (subfamily Murinae) but rather a really huge rodent that happens to be shaped like a rat. Either way the point is HOLY CRAP ENORMOUS.

Shadow and Ashes seem slightly uncomfortable.

Like "poisonous" to Australia!

Poisonous and loving it!

"...Aside from its clean, safe cities, constant sunshine and cheerful people, this region also hosts some very aggressive and dangerous life forms including sharks, crocodiles, the 10 most deadly poisonous snakes on the planet, toxic caterpillars and the extremely dangerous box jellyfish...."

And don't even think of going into the Flinders Hotel on a Friday night :)

Hey I resemble that photo!

Seriously, They were introduced into Vanuatu. On top of everything else, they're poisonous. They get on the lettuce, watercress and other local leafy greens and render them very dangerous to eat. We have to soak all local greens in a mild bleach solution, which makes those delicate salad dressings I'm so famous for[*] completely useless.

[*] Not.

I read that their mucus can transmit meningitis. Quick, can you touch your chin to your chest?

No I can't, but I hardly think that's any reason tosaasdaslcn as.$%)(*^+++NO CARRIER

Also, the first thing I thought was "GARY!" (from Spongebob. I am insane.)

Here is a picture. In the cartoon, he meows like a cat.

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