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The Daily Show on Canada's election

So tomorrow is Election Day up here in the Great White North. I don't have much to say about the election itself, other than that the probable outcome of a Conservative minority isn't as bad as it sounds. The Conservatives don't have any friends in the House of Commons, so a Tory minority government is effectively an even-handed Liberal-NDP coalition government, but with a broken cabinet. I think I'd probably prefer a Liberal minority government just for the international relations side of things. And I'd also love to see an NDP minority. And I'd like a pony.

But that's not what I'm here for! Today I saw a rerun of the January 19th episode of The Daily Show, in which Jon Stewart talks about the Canadian election, our attack ads, and the televised debates. I don't want to give too much away, but I grabbed the torrent of the episode and extracted the Canadian segment from it for your viewing pleasure here (35MB divx).

Incidentally, I'm going to be watching the results tomorrow using the Globe and Mail's results tracker which fweebles pointed out to me; it lets you choose ten ridings to follow, plus tracks all the big numbers that are on the news. If you can't think of ten to track, you might like to follow LaSalle-Emard (Martin's), Calgary Southwest (Harper's), Toronto-Danforth (Layton's), Laurier-Ste-Marie (Duceppe's), and Parkdale-High-Park in Toronto (home of Sam Bulte, the supporter of American-style copyright laws that Michael Geist and other Canadian bloggers have been speaking out against.

Here's an odd thing: Our riding, Ottawa-Centre, has both a Communist and a Marxist-Leninist candidate. Way to split that single vote, guys!


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