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also the US curling effort seems to involve cute blonde sisters somehow
pinkie pie
From a Associated Press overview piece on Olympic curling from the NBC Olympics website:
Although popular in Scotland, which claims to have invented curling, and in Canada, which claims to have invented ice, curling remains on the fringe in the United States.
Editors? Editors?

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Are you trying to say that Canada didn't invent ice?

We just stole it from the Indians!

The only reasonable explanation I've got for that is:

and in Canada, which claims to have invented ice hockey,

But I still haven't figured out what that would have to do with curling.

Omitted words are SO hard to catch :D

to my american southwestern eye it didn't seem all that outrageous that Canada might have, at some point, claimed to invent ice. i mean, isn't the entire place covered in it? and moose? :)

It's all moose in ice, like MASTODONS.

If I were Canada, I would totally have claimed to invent ice.

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