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Despite a long day at work, I managed to get through the door at HMV in order to pick up the new Erasure cd Other People's Songs (released a week or two ago), and the new Massive Attack cd 100th Window (released today -- I H4V3 0-D4Y TR4CKZ!!1!oneone).

I'm getting this feeling..

I think this is the first time I've ever bought a CD on the day it was released.

Both CDs rock. No big surprises on 100th Window after Mezzanine, but it's different. I'm having a hard time placing exactly how; it's not the same old stuff, but more of a logical progression from there. It's a little more personal; Sinead O'Connor provides vocals for a couple of tracks, and there's a lot more soul to this one than some of MA's previous work.

It's essentially a Robert Del Naja solo CD -- the other two thirds of Massive Attack having left the group after Mezzanine -- and that might have led to a bit more adventurousness this time around.

Other People's Songs is all surprise, and a buy for fans of the band and aficionados of fine cheese. The title is accurate, and you too can hear Erasure cover:

  • Solsbury Hill
  • When Will I see You Again
  • Can't Help Falling In Love
  • Video Killed The Radio Star
  • ...and more!
Crazy stuff. Just enough tongue in cheek to have some fun, and just enough Erasure that there's no doubt who you're listening to.

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