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Wow, I haven't posted in forever. Well, the easiest way to get around that is to post about something, so here you go.

So apparently I like rum.

I didn't think I liked rum. I have exactly one childhood memory about rum (and boy, if "childhood memory about rum" doesn't raise warning flags), except that it was one childhood memory that happened again and again: my mother and I would be out on my grandparents' sailboat*, and I'd have a Coke** and the adults would all be drinking rum and Coke. They'd all be in the same glasses and they'd move from cupholder to cupholder and I'd lose track of which was which and I'd end up with a big mouthful of rum and Coke, which is seriously unpleasant when you're not expecting it, and doubly so when you're a child, and quadruply so when it's cheap white rum. So the smell of rum, especially in a rum and Coke, reminds me of getting the wrong glass on the Nancy 'O', already slightly seasick and sunbaked.

(Also not helpful: Malibu in university. Hurf.)

Anyhow, nyxie is a rum drinker, and her father is a rum drinker, so I've sort of become aware of premium and dark rums, but I still couldn't appreciate the rum and coke. So tonight I decided to just sip a glass of rum on the rocks. Mm! It's Havana Club Anejo Reserva, if that means anything to you; apparently it's not that fancy a rum, sort of the Glenfiddich of the rum world, but it's still a lot more drinkable than I expected. Now I want to try more, darker, premium-er, smoother, fancier rums!

The last thing I needed is another kind*** of expensive alcohol to enjoy!

* Mid-1980s, there was nothing odd about having a beer or a mixed drink while sailing somewhere. How times change!

** Not completely accurate: my grandparents always had only diet pepsi, and it was always in a bottle, and since the bottle didn't get used much it was always flat, and it was never kept in the fridge. So whether at their home or on the boat, drinking pop at my grandparents meant warm, flat, watered-down (with ice) Diet Pepsi, and it was only within the last five years or so that I could bring myself to drink diet pop.

*** I'm a single malt scotch drinker (current stock: Glenmorangie 18 yr, Highland Park 18, Aberlour a'Bunadh, Oban 14, Scapa 12, and a tiny bit of Lagavulin which I need to strain cork out of) and I've been getting into wine lately. I'll post on that later.

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