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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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I have a new food blog!
happy stomach, food
nyxie and I realized recently that we spend an awful lot of time and energy on things food-related: reading and talking about food and wine and restaurants, trying local restaurants, cooking, baking, looking for local merchants, shopping for wine, and so forth, and that there's a dearth of people talking about food in Ottawa even though there are a lot of great resources here.

So we did the obvious thing and started blogging about it!

Our new food blog is Epicurean Ottawa, and it's syndicated here as ep_ottawa_feed. You might find it interesting even if you're not from Ottawa, because we'll be writing about stuff we do as well as talk about local stuff.

(epicureanottawa is the Ottawa food community that nyxie and I maintain, unrelated except in name. I had the domain laying around because Dreamhost gave me a free domain registration and it seemed like a good one to grab to use later.)

*   *   *

In unrelated food-and-drink news, Cork'd is apparently some sort of social-networking wine journal. A promising idea, but their front page had this on it when I went there today:

Boy, if those are the most popular wines, I'd hate to see how the least popular ones got rated.

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I have a bottle of Goats Do Roam on the go at home right now, as a matter of fact! It's what you'd expect given the name -- a big but not too big plummy new-world take on Cotes du Rhone with a bit of spice to it. Goes down a bit too easy, maybe.

You'll be "pleased" to know that the Goats Do Roam winery has a bunch more French-styled punny blends: a Goat Roti, a Goat Door, and a Bored Doe.

Bored Doe! That should be shelved with Two Buck Chuck. I would purchase and drink a bottle of Bored Doe if it had a picture of a drowsy Norway rat on the label.

Alas, it's another goddamn goat:

But that's Bored Ewe, which is a different pun!

Ewe've got your girls mixed up! Ewes is sheepses. Maresy doats and doesy doats!

I'll be watching =) I joined the community too.

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