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I admit that I like For Better Or For Worse.

It's not a great day-to-day strip as comic strips go, but I've been reading it as long as I've been reading comics, and since the characters age in real-time and there's 25 years of complete continuity there (and in part because I'm the around the same age as Michael in the strip, so when I was off to university the strip was him being off at university, and so on) it makes for a good read. I was sad when Farley died and I can't stand Deanna. I can't say I'd recommend that anyone that hasn't read it for 25 years tune in now, but there you go.

But as always the Internet has to come along and be weird.

Witness binky_betsy, aka "The FOOBiverse". It's a community which contains an in-depth analysis (posted by the same person, daily) of the plot and artwork of each day's strip and the "letters from the characters" on the strip's website with dozens of comments every day. Now I'm not that surprised that people obsess over fiction, but then I saw the FBOW FAQ in the community maintainer's userinfo, and now I'm wondering if "When do you think April will start getting her period?" is really asked that frequently.

But that's just run-of-the-mill comic book guy obsession. Weird, but not outright wrong. But then at the bottom of that userinfo I found a link to someone who has a blog in which she roleplays April. And you know that when you reach that point it's going to get worse, and it does:

For Better Or For Worse slashfic..

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