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Crime novel update

I meant to mention in my previous post:

Thanks, all, for your comments in my post about crime writing. My to-read shelf is filling up fast!

I found a neat local bookstore, Prime Crime, which happened to be a whole block away from the Bridgehead I tend to show up in after work to read for a bit. They carry nothing but mystery and crime books, and while their selection tends more towards mystery than crime (and their clientele tends more towards 60s than 20s!), I was able to pick up a few books from your recommendations: Carl Hiaasen's Tourist Season, Hammett's The Maltese Falcon, and Lethem's Gun, With Occasional Music.

That plus the other dozen or so books on the shelf will keep me occupied until thaw.

That reminds me: Any recommendations for LJ book-related communities that aren't really only about English lit? I need to talk and read about books more, and it's hard to find a venue.

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