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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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happy stomach, food

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Euuugh. My stomach is turning just looking at it. ;_;

"Better yet, these are microwaveable, so just nukem and pukem."


If anyone ever needed evidence that we live in a screwed up, decadent society, I think this is a prime example. When I first saw this, I thought it was a photshop joke, but nope - it's for real.

(Deleted comment)
All that, plus ONNA STICK. And you know people will be putting mustard on these.

oh gawd... just when I thought it couldn't get more revolting. :-)

OK, what's the word I'm looking for here...

Oh yeah - ewhhh.

On a college campus I was at for a "camp" one night for dinner (cafeteria style) were Corn Dogs.

They didn't sell very well.

Next morning they were "Pancakes on a stick"

Defibrulator, please.

I just felt my cholesterol spike.

I used to buy those! Though this was before there was a chocolate chip variety. But hasn't anyone heard of chocolate chip pancakes? They are not some new invention.

Sure I have, but that coupled with a sausage of indeterminate origin (always makes me nervous) on a STICK, just...gross. Ugh. ;_;

Do not fear the sausage product!

Dude, gross. Ughhh. *runs away*

I've heard of lots of food that shouldn't be wrapped around other food on a stick and microwaved!

lord have mercy! i remember the simple good old jimmy dean days. *sigh*

Jesus help me, this looks really good to me. I would totally buy a box if Safeway or Longs had a special that week.

I am wondering what the nutrition panel on this product looks like. Probably enough sodium to feed a small town. Eugh.

wow... ew, that's a terrible combination... why do they do these things?!

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