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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Testing via ljtalk
pinkie pie
Wow, LJ Talk is pretty well done. Sign in with a Jabber client, and there's your mutual friends, all in their own group on your roster, with userpics and everything.

And there's a goat bot that you can post through, too -- send it a message (like I'm doing right now) and it makes its way to your journal. This sounds like a good way to get posting more often.

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(Deleted comment)
All Jabber clients have sucked up until recently (last few years), so deploying Jabber would've been worthless (chicken/egg), and once clients got good, all Jabber servers kinda sucked (not extensible enough), so we had to go through that pain first. But yeah, it was a good idea! ;-)

Thanks, lots of late night hacking to get djabberd to a state where we could integrate it.

Spider Man 3 at Toy Fair 07

Sideshow Collectibles had an impressive line of Spider-Man 3-related busts and models on display at Toy Fair 2007.
These included cool Spider-Man and Venom mini-busts which will retail for $45 when they become available in the 2nd
Quarter of '07, an even wilder posed Venom statue that will be available in the 3rd Quarter for roughly $190 and a
giant Symbiote Spider-Man Bust that will also be available in the 3rd Quarter for twice that amount.

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