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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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mommy, who's Kibo?
pinkie pie
Something odd just occurred to me out of the blue.

Now, nyxie and I don't want kids, but imagine a hypothetical couple online as much as we have been. IRC, LiveJournal, Usenet, flickr, and so on. That couple has kids. Ten years later or so, those kids will be able to search for what their parents wrote on the Internet before the kids were born!

Way too weird.

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Uhh I dont want that now

I can still find an Amazon Wishlist of a deceased friend.

Only if you tell them your user name!

I once searched for my first name on Google, and my lj came up as the second link. This, despite the fact that I don't link to it, nor mention my name in it, nor does anyone I know link to it with my name.

That's why I locked mine

i think it's kind of creepy. everything is way too public now. :D

I'm dreading that revelation on Ali's part. :P

Re; mommy, who's Kibo?

My 10-year old daughter did a Google search for my name just two days ago. She thought it rather cool that she could find dear old dad on the 'net.


(yes, that sambo)

Re: Re; mommy, who's Kibo?

God forbid there should be two. :-)

*raises hand*

Yeah, Julia's mommy and daddy met on #ireland, conducted an IRC/AIM relationship for almost five years before moving in together, and are currently sitting at respective computers down the hall from each other IMing while we conduct other online business.

Yeah, it is a little weird. Back when I had an internship at IBM, I had access to employee forums, and was browsing some old posts (it's kinda like Usenet but running on VM, if that makes any sense.) I ran across some from my dad, from before I was born. I immediately searched for all his notes and read the old ones.

The bigger question is if your stuff will be archived/otherwise still around when your (hypothetical) children are old enough to search the Internet. My LJ posts aren't around; a few IRC quotes and old Usenet posts are.

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