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Toshiba laptop opinions?

Do any of you folks have Toshiba laptops? Specifically Tecras, although I’m open to any comments, really.

I’d like to pick up a laptop for school instead of using my work laptop for both. I’m after something close to what I’ve got now, a Dell D600: business-class rather than home, Centrino somewhere in the 1.6GHz range, trackpoint, SXGA or better screen (not 1024×768). I know that Dell Latitudes and Thinkpad’s T-series comes in where I want it, but the third major player in refurb off-lease laptops around here is Toshiba which I know little about.

Basically, if you’ve had a recent one, let me know what you thought of it! And if you’ve had one and you’ve had a Latitude or Thinkpad, let me know how they compare. And if you happen to know the difference between the M-series and S-series that’d be useful too, since I can’t seem to find out anywhere else.

I did have Toshiba laptops in the past, but I don’t think I could base my opinions on a T1000 or T5100!

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