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Erin go blargh

Happy St. Patrick’s day!

Candice and I had planned on celebrating with a pint and some Irish stew tonight, but we checked out all of the meat shops in the market and none of them had any setter. So instead we’re going to have a traditional Irish dinner of no potatoes.

(I didn’t even wear green today. Some Irishman I am! But I had a new shirt* to wear, so I have an excuse. I will, however, be heading out to a pub tonight for some trad, although that pub might very well be the Royal Oak, which is pretty not Irish. But today everyone’s Irish, right? RIGHT?)

* This one, which I was surprised to find at American Eagle, purveyor of what Conrad calls “bro clothes” for frat boys. They seem to be heading back into the “vintage fit” thing again, which means there might be the odd thing there I actually like this season.

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