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Yay, my phone works now, in both directions! And I’ve got my Bluetooth headset and voice dialing working, which is neat — unlike my previous phone, voice control on the RAZR doesn’t require any training, it just understands. My BlackBerry supports bluetooth headsets but doesn’t do voice dialing, which is just a bit impractical.

I’m also glad to finally have modern ringtones, since the BlackBerry was back in the single-voice MIDI era. I edited up a bunch of mp3s in Audition, and then realized that the phone doesn’t loop mp3 ringtones smoothly — between the mp3 frames and the phone, there’s about half a second between repeats, so now I have to go back and re-edit them all to be about three times as long as they are now, so they don’t have to repeat unless I let the phone ring and ring.

(I can’t believe that people pay for ringtones.)

Virgin Mobile continues to be good-weird. Setting up voicemail, I was prompted to record my name, but “if you want, you can make up a name, so if you’ve always wanted to be Shirley, then now you can be Shirley”. After setting up voicemail, it drops you into your mailbox, which tells you you have “no messages, not a single, lonely message”.

I need to call customer service on Monday to clear up how payment works, since I’m not 100% clear on how the combination of prepayment, a monthly package, my second month free, auto top-up from a credit card, and the credit from the phone purchase all fit together. I’ve got this week off work, though, so I’ll have plenty of time for that and all the other stuff I want to get done, like talking to the bank about RRSP borrowing and a student line of credit for this whole school business.

In other news, we won again curling tonight, and it looks as though we’ll be keeping our rink together for the weekend mixed at Granite next year, which should be a blast. I need to start looking around for year-end sales on brushes and shoes.

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