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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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So having recently "met" the lovely and intriguing ardently after seeing her posts to found_objects, I decided to browse through the list of LJ users in Ottawa to see what other interest people might be lurking about. While doing so, I found the record_runner community (which is not to be confused with the recordrunner user!), which is about/from the local independent record store, Record Runner.

I managed to get myself down to their store today, and I'm a happy camper. Of course, everyone else in Ottawa probably already knows about this place, but I didn't until now, and I've been passively looking for a decent indie record shop. (CD Warehouse is OK, but they're a bit mainstream for me.) So yay, happy me, new place to shop. They've got a great selection and cool staff who look like they'd be good at giving recommendations, which comes in handy compared to blank stares at HMV.

I picked up Sunny Day Real Estate's Diary, which I've been meaning to get for ages (T substitute NOT EMO) for $10 (!), and Sigur Ros' () for $15, so they've got pretty good prices to go along with their selection. (Fans of non-mainstream music reading this will also note that they also have an online store.

This all reminds me that I really need to start getting out to shows here more often.

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i wlonkly! i have no idea who you are, but you added me to your friends list so I added back.

my birthday is 7 days before yours. that means i win!

That's ok, I have no idea who you are either! I was bored the other night and started reading my friendsfriends, and added people that seemed interesting, especially local people. I think I found you via athena_51.

Sigur Ros' () is absolutely gorgeous. I absolutetly love that album.

I think I "scored points" on my date by not only knowing things about emo, but knowing "obscure" bands like Weston. This was the topic of conversation for a little while.

One thing I especially like about Weston is that they have what I consider the most emo song ever. It is on the album Got Beat Up, titled "New Shirt", and could only be more emo if it were longer than 54 seconds. For you, I will accurately reproduce the lyrics.

I got a new shirt for school yesterday
And my mom said I looked real handsome in it.
I got a new shirt, I got a new shirt
'Cause I thought you might like me in it.

I got a new shirt, I got a new shirt
'Cause I thought you might like me in it.
I got a new shirt, I got a new shirt
'Cause I thought that maybe you might wear my ring
If I wore that striped, short-sleeve shirt.

Personally, I prefer Saves the Day, if only because they do a nice acoustic Modern English cover and one of their songs is about cutting up a jilter. I like to sing the chorus to that song as "My heart is on the floor. Why am I so emo?"

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