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Phone providers always break photo email.

How I sent photos to Flickr on my Fido phone:

  1. Take photo
  2. Send to Flickr photo-posting address from phone

How I send photos to Flickr on my new Virgin Mobile phone:

  1. Take photo
  2. Send to an email address of mine which feeds into a program, which
  3. Extracts the HTML part from that message
  4. Pulls the message text and a URL out of that HTML part
  5. Retrieves that URL, which links to a thumbnail of the image
  6. Pulls a second URL out of Javascript source on that page
  7. Retrieves the second URL, which links to the full-sized image’s page
  8. Pulls the image URL out of the full-sized image’s page
  9. Requests the image, but with curl(1) instead of libwww-perl, since libwww-perl mysteriously produces 500 Internal Server Errors on that page only, even though the previous two pages loaded fine
  10. Bundles up a new MIME message with the text from (2) and the image
  11. Sends that to the Flickr photo-posting address

Real elegant. Oh, well, at least it works. I knew going in that Virgin Mobile makes data-related things a bit difficult, but that just kept getting sillier and sillier.

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