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Back in the classroom, kind of

Last night I had my first “class” at U of O. They’ve recommended that I take an optional, free, non-credit math course to make sure my math chops are up to speed when real classes start. I’m not sure what the criteria for that recommendation are, but it won’t kill me to brush up on some things (especially matrix algebra and calculus, which I haven’t used in a decade, and financial formulas which I haven’t used since high school). I did have one particularly bad semester during my undergrad in which I did poorly in a couple math courses (including an 8AM calculus course), and while the problems there were non-academic — I switched majors right after that semester — that might have raised a red flag.

I’ve put the course outline below a cut at the bottom of this post so you can see what sort of things they include. I think I’m going to be a little bored. The class is taught online in WebCT, but since it is everyone’s first encounter with the university and with WebCT they asked everyone to come in for an optional one-hour orientation session, which is why “class” is in quotes in my first sentence there. There were only about 20 people at the session, and about 3/4 were francophone, which I found interesting — the first module of the course covers math that would have been required for the GMAT, but francophone applicants aren’t required to write the GMAT.

It felt odd to be back on campus and in a lecture hall again. Good odd, but odd nonetheless. This course was formerly a for-credit, 12-week, 6-hour-per-week lectureclass, so I’m glad they’re doing it online.

The course description for those interested:

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