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New laptop

The laptop fairy came last night! I’m now the proud owner of a refurbished Dell Latitude D410. I picked it up off of eBay from K-V Laptops in Toronto and they got it to me the next day. It looks brand-new save for a little scratch on the back of the lid. 1.89GHz Pentium M, 1GB RAM, 40GB hard drive, 1024×768 screen, external self-powered DVD reader/CD writer, built-in 802.11g, and a Trusted Platform Module which I might or might not play with. The only thing it doesn’t have that my work laptop has is Bluetooth, and my phone doesn’t do Bluetooth file transfers anyhow.

It’s small (12″ screen, one-spindle) but not ridiculously small. The keyboard is slightly smaller than standard but it’s easy to adapt to. Here’s a comparison with my current work-provided laptop, a Dell Latitude D600:

New laptop

The outside of the case is standard Dell gray like the palm rest on the D600, but they’ve gone darker inside. I like it. I think I might look for some sort of skin for the front. This one makes me wish I could get a Kozyndan print as a skin.

I managed to get pretty much all the software I needed installed last night. I’m wondering whether or not to bother with the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, or if I should just configure things from scratch.

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