April 3rd, 2002

pinkie pie


Everyone's a critic.
<mendel> Hrm, I feel a LJ post brewing.  
<cstone> oy 
<mendel> oy?  
<cstone> sorry, let me rephrase 
<cstone> Current Mood: Oy :/
pinkie pie

In Libris

Innocent me, wandering into Chapters to get this week's Economist. You'd think I'd have learned by now -- I left with a rather full bag and a much lighter wallet. Wankel mentioned on IRC that he does that all the time, going in for one thing and then spying the bargain tables. I wish I found the bargain tables! At least this time everything I decided I wanted was in paperback. I've been putting off Jack Welch's autobiography for almost a year now because I've only seen it in hardcover.

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