January 20th, 2003

pinkie pie


Oy, what a night. But given the level of potential suckage, I came out of this pretty good.

I get home after work, and realize that I've left my house keys (which are also my desk keys, but not my car keys) at the office. I don't want to drive back to the suburbs during rush hour -- I live in the city and commute the wrong way -- so I do some errands downtown and then head out around 7 to pick up my keys then head home.

Drive out is unremarkable, but on the way back in, just before the city limits, my drive belt shreds. Whoops, there goes the power steering! Luckily, there was no-one beside me and I could pop on the hazards and make my way to an exit right there. Parked under a streetlamp and popped the hood -- yep, bare pulleys. We're not going anywhere tonight.

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pinkie pie

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