January 26th, 2003

pinkie pie


I was sitting in the Second Cup in the Glebe today, and a guy came in who had a Hitler mustache. Nothing else remarkable about him, looked like a typical thirtysomething Ottawa tech worker, except for a Hitler mustache.

WTF? I was sort of thinking that he was trying to be ironic, but I don't think you can be ironic with facial hair, and I don't think you can be ironic with Hitler, so that's pretty much out of the question.
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pinkie pie

Organization, bag detritus

So the fine folks at MeFi have awoken me to the existence of Moleskine notebooks. I'm the sort of person that likes to be able to just jot things down randomly, so I figure I'll give these a try.

But I'm also going to get one of their weekly planners. I've essentially stopped using my Palm, but I need a bit more organization in my life, and I can't bear to carry around a Filofax, so we'll see how this works out. The Palm's just a bit too impersonal, I think, and having a planner with the same general features as my closely-guarded notebook will hopefully get me using it again.

So this got me thinking about all the crap I tend to carry around, so it's time for yet another round of What's In Yer Bag. I carry a messenger-style bag everywhere, so there's an important balance between weight and convenience. (Shut up. It's not a purse, ok?)

So, this is What's In My Bag:

  • House keys, car keys, on separate rings
  • Wallet-like thing that holds cards in a pocket and has a money clip on the back, but which does not fold
  • ID badge for work
  • Pack of cherry Halls
  • Bottle of Tylenol Cold
  • Pocket-size pack of Kleenex (I see a pattern!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Generic dogeared notebook
  • Lamy fountain pen, Pilot G-2 ballpoint, lead holder
  • Phone
  • Handsfree earphone thingie for phone
  • Linuxcare bootable business card CD
  • SME Server 5.5GPL CD
  • Epitaph Records Punk-o-rama 7 CD
  • Blackberry (which is what I use as a pager for work)
  • Palm complaining about low batteries (always, it seems)
  • Two books which change week to week or so; right now, Freeman Dyson's autobiography and John Ralston Saul's Reflections of a Siamese Twin
  • Jar of Black and White pomade
  • Swiffer sheet to leave in the car, if I ever remember
  • Current Spin and Atlantic Monthly magazine
  • Disposable camera
  • Extra car key
  • Four paper bookmarks, not counting the two in books
  • Carefully-folded plastic bag
  • Corkscrew (this was handier in Quebec in the summer)
  • Disposable razor

Holy cow. Even I'm boggling at that. No wonder it gets a bit heavy sometimes.

Ok, your turn now. What's In Yer Bag? (Post in a comment, or in your own journal, or whatever.)

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